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Just want the church to pray for my marriage Pleace and pray for me too.At my wits ends

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I will be praying for you. Some things are so hard to voice but the Lord showed me years ago that the wound has to be opened and cleansed before the "Balm of Gilead" can be applied. Love you sister and appreciate your dedication

Prayer request, Please hold us up in prayer, needing it for self and Mom and sister(Christine), in car accident 3 years ago, we all have neck/back injuries that cause us trouble, Mom(Winona) is worse being older, I(Johnny) have heart problem also, taking pills for but they have side effects of Insomnia and I'm not getting good sleep,also insurance company trying to recoup thier losses via our settlement if this happens we end up with nothing $ wise and am on fixed income and needing it badly , need God's devine intervention in all these things , God Bless you fro being there and caring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for 19 month old Bryston. He lives with his mother who is on drugs.  The lady just got out jail 2 months ago and smokes marijuana and blows it on Bryston, who has breathing problems.  Mother is very abusive to Bryston and leaves him with immoral people and people she doesn't know.  Mother is very mean to little Bryston.


I am glad to do the Lord's work. In James 1:27 it says that  " pure religion and undefiled before god is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
PRAISE THE LORD                                 
TO Pentecostal christian ministries,
Greetings to you in precious name of our lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST .Dear brother in Christ, I am a partime
evangelist doing gospel ministry among poor and illiterate orphans and childrens people for
the last Five years .I am writing this letter to put a prayer request before
you. Before you read my prayer request I want to introduce to you very
briefly you may have some understanding about me
            MY name is NEWTON (32) I was born of a Christian family .I
studied up to B.A and passed it .I am married .I was saved through
the ministry of a Pentecostal church evangelist .I experienced the filling
of the HOLYSPIRIT .I was Baptized on 28 jan 1997 .In the same Day
,I experienced the filling of the holy spirit .After a few years as a believer
Having been inspired by GOD to do gospel ministry .I joined a pastor
In order to get practical bible training from him for some period of time
.After this practical training was completed I started my ministry among
poor and illiterate people .MY ministry is distributing gospel tracts and
evangelism (door to door) .At present I am working in sls jute mills as clerk to
maintain myself and my wife and two childerns my parents  and sister and brother .They depend
on me for their living  So it is compulsory for me to do any work to meet
their needs and my needs .Even though I have a desire to be a fulltime
gospel worker ,I am failing to be so because of the financial problems
in my family
                    what my prayer request is 
                    please pray that may be able to continue as a fulltime
                    gospel worker
                                                            yours' in his services
My postal address.

Prayer for Lee Oliver:
Those who view Lee's application for employment show him favor during their selection of candidates and during interviews, extending him the job offer for the applications which he has applied.

I would also appreciate prayer that God would prosper the Oliver family financially, for we have been struggling financially for some time.

Thank You and God Bless You

Praise Report: I requested prayer for Lee Oliver.  Prayer: Those who view Lee's application for employment show him favor and extend job offer. He was offered the job and accepted. Thank You
for your prayers; we appreciate your commitment and kindness, in our time of need.  God Bless You

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